what katy did

Title           : What Katy Did

Publisher    : Wordsworth, London, 168 pages

Authors      : Susan Coolidge

I choose this novel because I interested with the title and wonder what Katy did. This novel is very wonderful because it is full of lesson of life. It is tells us about patience, hopefulness and neatness when Katy have to struggles from her disease. The story is about the children who love to played outdoor and played many fun games and makes me remember about my childhood, and I loved it.

Some character in this novel is Katy, aunt Izzie, causin Helen and Elsie. The best character is Katy who also the main character. She is very responsible girl. Her mother was passed away when she was eight, and her father very busy with his job as a doctor. Katy always take care of their little brothers and sisters. She also success to manage and take care of all the things in home since her aunt was died. She did it when she must stay at the bed because of her illness.

The best part of the this novel is when Katy had a terrible ill. She fall from a swing and it is make her to stay at bed for a long time. At the first, Katy was very sad about it because she even could not to stand up. Then her cousin, Helen, visited her and told her about a School of Pain. She told to Katy to struggled and be patience, hopefulness and neatness. She also said Katy must be a strong girl and keep learning even she could not go to school as usual.

The moral value of this novel is we have to struggle with all the difficulties in our life and not to give up easily even it is a very bad trouble in our life, and believe all the difficulties will make us to become stronger than before.

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