About Me!

Hi everybody!

I am Ikrima, just call me krim for short. I am 20+ y.o. and I am a student of English Education Department at UIN Jakarta. I love reading, chocolate, movies and I do LOVE Elmo sesame street! I also love cooking and biting. Rrrw!

About my family? I have lovely parents and one sister. My parent, both of Bapak and Ibu are half an angel. They are very lovely, kind, and a teacher of my life. They become a doctor when i am sick and be a good listener and a good friend when i need someone to talk to. My sister? Her name is Alfi and she is a half flamingo and a half annoying girl. I call her flamingo because she really freak of pink stuffs. She is a lovely talkative girl. Even she is annoying, but I do love her.

I’m not worried about what other people say. I’m just going to be my self. I’m not going to try to pretend I’m someone else. I’m not a bad person. i like to have fun and like to be my self.. and always try to be the best version of my self.


55 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. hei, salam kenal ya nama saya erviani, umur 19 tahun, tinggi badan 167 cm (kurang labih), berat 54 kg(sumpah), hobi mengunyah, jika anda berminat silahkan hubungi kantor polisi terdekat.. terimakasih..

  2. Halo salam kenal ..
    bagus deh blognya ..
    btw suka nulis artikel tentang Bandung ga ?
    klo suka, share artikel or tulis di Citizen Journalism web kita yah ..
    Oiya, jangan lupa follow (@BandungReview) dan like facebook fans page bandungreview.com juga yah!

  3. hi. my name is ikrima too and im from malaysia.
    i thought im the one who only have this unique name. so, do u !
    nice to meet you here, ikrima.

    *at last, i found someone who have the same name. yippiee~
    today google-ing was really worth it.

  4. kunjungan Minggu pagi…
    salam kenal terus terima kasih udah berkunjung di lapak udikha kemudian lapor juga link-nya sudah di tempel di daftar teman udikha… silakan di cek…

  5. Hai Krim, nice to meet u. Thanks for visiting myblog. this’s the first time I visit urBlog. I hope, we can keep in touch.
    n don’t forget 2 put mylink. 😆

  6. Waah salam kenal.. ini kunjungan perdana aku \^0^/

    Physics Education 2011 – State University of Jakarta (UNJ)
    sama-sama bu guru niihh =D

    sudah aku follow… follow balik yaaa \*-^

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